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It is important that you keep an eye on the value of your collection of Antiques and Fine Art, however large or small it may be.

Updated Valuations equal Good Management.

You hope the worst will never happen. But it can. Theft. Fire. The break-up of a home. Then, the value, disposition, even the question of their very existence, can make desirable antiques and art collections the centre of turmoil. Problems that can leave you or your estate heavily out of pocket.

At Colin Ritchie & Company we have an almost unique ability to present a balanced, realistic assessment of the value of antiques and art collections for estate purposes.

  • Art as Assets
    • A family or personal collection of fine art and antiques is as much part of the assets of an estate as is an investment portfolio or real estate holdings
  • In many cases, however, such assets are passed over in matters pertaining to estate management.
  • A full and unbiased appraisal of the market value of an estate's art and antiques assets may well provide impetus for a reassessment of investment strategy and financial management.
  • It will also make planning for eventual distribution or division of assets much more precise and equitable.
  • Perhaps the biggest short-term threat to your antique or art collection is the possibility of some form of damage.
    • Fire, accident, water, can all affect value to a greater or lesser degree.
    • Theft can reduce it to nothing.
  • If your insurance is based on outdated replacement values you will
    • at best be seriously out of pocket when you try to replace your treasures
    • at worst, never be able to afford to do so.
  • We recommend an initial appraisal to document your collection and to establish replacement values for insurance purposes.
  • From then on, regular consultations, which can be carried out at minimal cost by phone, e-mail or fax, will keep your valuations up-to-date and let you arrange a proper level of insurance.
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