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Antiques and fine arts appraisal is a subtle and difficult business which demands the full attention of the complete professional.
There are talented amateurs, of course, but only the expert can make an assessment which you can take to your lawyer or insurance agent with complete confidence.

Our appraisals experts have great strengths in four areas:
  1. Past:
    A high level of specialized knowledge and experience in art and antiques history.
  2. Present:
    An acute awareness of current auction prices
  3. Future:
    Informed opinion as to trends and growth in the market.
  4. Confidence:
    The confidence to know when they don't know enough.
Your antiques and art items can be appraised in two ways:

  • Experience
    • Years in the business, in galleries, auction rooms and with dealers
    • Practical experience - time spent actually "doing", assessing, appraising and learning
    • Academic training
    • Continual and long-standing exposure to the good and the bad, the high quality and the low
  • Experience
    • Continuous activity and involvement in specialist areas.
    • Development of high quality contacts world wide.
    • Access to records of auction sales, catalogues and reference material internationally
  • And Experience
    • Time and effort needed to earn the confidence of and establish working relationships with fellow experts.
    • Researching and writing on a specialized subject
    • A highly developed and well regarded sense of and eye for quality and rarity.

The art world is amazingly complex, and even the most dedicated professional cannot hope to be a universal expert.

A true professional must be able to acknowledge and value the experience of other experts and be prepared to solicit their opinion. Appraisers unable to consult with other experts may well fear exposure of their own limitations.
Our reputation and expert status benefits our clients because:
  • We are well respected and have excellent contacts amongst our international peers.
  • They feel free to discuss their opinions with us, candidly and without fear of misinterpretation or exploitation.
  • They have confidence that all our dealings with them are honest, professional and well-informed.

We can give expert appraisals at long distance. (See limitations)
Here's how:
If you have one or two antique or fine art pieces that you'd like to have appraised, please set up an arms-length appointment by e-mail or by calling us at 1 800 667 0393

You have 3 ways to proceed:

  • Send descriptions, colour photographs and photocopies of documents which may establish provenance to:

    Colin Ritchie & Company,
    Appraisals Dept.,
    3286 Bellevue Road.
    Victoria BC,
    V8X 1C1

    Please enclose your return address and phone number.

  • Send your request to
  • Attach images (photographs of object, documents etc.)
    • Please place all attachments in a single directory and .ZIP the complete directory.
    • For best results, optimize images as good to maximum quality .JPG files
  • Fax detailed description of the object to 1 (250) 385 4824.
  • Give an unbiased and clear account of its condition and include any documents which may establish provenance.
    • Please note that we will then ask you to mail colour photographs to us.
    • The quality of faxed photographs is not good enough for us to provide any opinion regarding authenticity or market value (except a strictly negative one).
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We specialize in making evaluations of the complete and varied collections found in many larger homes.


This service is restricted to one or two items per individual
at any one time. Large collections will attract a fee.


The liability of Colin Ritchie and Company arising from any inaccurate,
incorrect or negligent valuation or advice shall be limited to the amount
of the fee charged by Colin Ritchie and Company for such valuation or