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The appreciation of beautiful things is as old as humanity.
What began in cave art and carved bone has recorded our history, expanded our minds and opened our eyes.
It has enriched our experience by allowing us to share the vision of the artist and appreciate the skill of the craftsman.
Living with just one significant piece - painting, sculpture, ceramic, antique - is a relationship that will provide lasting satisfaction.
It is an investment that can also grow in value down the years, enriching you financially, while memories of even the most expensive of your holidays will fade almost as quickly as your tan.

Until now the average collector's world has been limited by geography and price. Here's why:
  1. Most people have been confined to what can be bought and sold locally, in neighborhood art galleries and antique stores, at auctions or junk shops.
  2. The major auction houses seemed unaffordable. Sotheby’s or Christies or the galleries of New York or London only offered merchandise which had been selected to command top prices.
  3. High travel and accommodation costs made attendance at major auctions seem a waste when added to the risk of a failed bid.

This has changed. Today, there is:

  • Greater Interest and Awareness
    • The popularity of programs like “The Antiques Road Show” has created tremendous public awareness. Nations have rummaged in their attics and basements and produced an amazing variety of items for scrutiny and appraisal. And with our international expertise, we have made our fair share of people very happy.

  • Easier Access to Information
    • The major Auction houses have their own Web sites, as do hundreds of smaller dealers and galleries.
      So now many thousands of people know exactly what is going on in the market, however removed they may be from the centre of things. And now, with the arrival of internet auctions they have opportunities to buy items from half way across the world.

The result?

  • More items are available on the market
  • More people know about them
  • More have the desire to collect antiques and fine art
  • And now there are more opportunities to do so.
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