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Mrs. X is a grand lady who lives somewhere in BC

Wisely, one day she decided to make a proper inventory of her and her husband's family collection.
She found out about Colin Ritchie & Company, liked what she had heard, and called us.

During the appraisal process she mentioned a painting that she had put in the basement for a reason she could not remember. “It didn't fit in, or something. Too big ”.
We found it, dusted it off and had a good look.

Mrs. X was right. It was big.
Big news in the art world.
Because we recognized the artist's work.

We had discovered a painting by a respected Finnish artist named Alfred Edelfelt, one that had been considered "lost" for over a hundred years.

We suggested that Mrs. X might like to hang it where her guests could see it.
She said that it still “didn't fit in.”

We gave her a best estimate of fair market value and

counselled her that this painting might sell for more at auction. Edelfelt's paintings are very sought after, and we knew from our records that none had been offered for sale for some time.

Mrs. X agreed that we should take it to Sotheby’s in New York.
A short while later it sold for over US$400,000.
Sotheby’s cheque was not too big for her bank account. Very nicely thank you.

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"It's just a reproduction." That's what the owner of this beautiful jar was told by a ceramics expert at a highly regarded museum.

Perplexed and somewhat disbelieving, the owner took it to Sotheby's in Toronto, where it was shown to Colin Ritchie.

"It jumped right off the table at me" he said later, "They do that when they're good"

Colin recognized this so-called "reproduction" (museum talk for "fake") as a genuine early 18th century piece of Kakiemon porcelain.

On Friday, March 21, 1997 it sold at Sotheby's New York for over US$50,000
How did he know it was genuine? Click here to learn what to look for.

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