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Our CEO and Chief Appraiser, Colin Ritchie, has a solid reputation in the field.  His knowledge, skill and experience are a matter of record.

Some measure of his abilities can be gained from his curriculum vitae.

Sotheby's Canada, Toronto

  • Former Employee. Specialist Consultant and Auctioneer
  • Resident Specialist in European Ceramics, Oriental Works of Art, Oriental Carpets, Ethnographic Art and Antiquities, European Decorative Arts, Art Nouveau and Art Deco
  • Estimated and catalogued works for auction and formal appraisal
  • Supervised sales, catalogue planning and layout
  • Performed lectures and interviews for the media and interest

Sotheby's Belgravia, London, England

  • Department Head and Auctioneer Ceramic and Oriental Works of Art.
  • Planned annual auction schedule, projected results, researched, estimated and catalogued material for sale.
  • Performed appraisal clinics and solicitations in England Europe and Canada.

Some Institutional Client:

  • Royal Ontario Museum,
  • Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
  • Canadiana Fund
  • Canadian Museum for Textiles
  • The Ontario Government
  • Toronto Historical Board
  • Ontario Heritage Foundation
  • UBC Museum of Anthropology
  • Victoria Art Gallery
  • Professional Art Dealers Association of Canada
  • BC Maritime Museum


  • Antiques and Art as an Investment, Ottawa Journal, 1980
  • Market Profile on English Porcelain, Antique Collector's Club Magazine, 1978
  • Japanese Cloisonné, Antique Collector's Club Magazine. 1979

Lectures and Teaching

  • Sotheby's Works of Art Courses, London, 1978-1979
  • Ontario Women's Antique Collectors Association, 1981

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We are completely independent of any other organization in the Arts and Antiques world.
Our appraisals and assessments of value and authenticity are in no way influenced by commercial pressures from or obligations to any third party.

This means that our dealings in the market are driven by our client's interests, and by our client's interests alone.